ALICANTE, SPAIN - FEBRUARY 18: Alicante Airport arrival hall with passengers, luggage on trolleys and rental car stations on February 18, 2012 in Alicante, Spain.   (Photo by EyesWideOpen/Getty Images) The woman apparently set the baby down on the conveyor belt while reaching for something at the Alicante airport. Credit: Getty Images

A 5-month-old baby died on a oversized luggage carousel in the airport of the Spanish resort town of Alicante late Wednesday, airport and emergency officials said.

The baby's mother was traveling from Gatwick airport near London with the baby and another small child and was due to be picked up by the father in the airport, an airport spokeswoman said.

Officials could not confirm the exact circumstances of the death, but one airport security worker said it appeared the accident happened after the mother put the baby down briefly on the conveyor belt.


"The mother apparently put him down on the conveyor belt when she went to reach for something," she told Atlas news agency in televised comments.

Emergency services reported receiving a call requesting psychological counseling for the family.

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