The baby at the centre of a storm that sparked an ethical debate over her treatment is still battling on, breathing on her own at Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children.

Kaylee, diagnosed with Joubert syndrome, was expected to die when doctors took her off a breathing machine last Tuesday, but her father said she’s doing well with the help of oxygen. He said the ideal thing is to keep doing whatever is best for her health.

He said disability or not, they were making preparations to care for Kaylee if she was released.

Jason Wallace dampened speculations his family was slapping the hospital with a lawsuit over comments that were made by doctors. He also denounced any notion he had concerns with the care doctors were giving to his critically ill daughter.

He said the comments made by the doctors were “inappropriate” so he addressed his frustration with officials at the hospital and all grievances were quashed.

Wallace choose his words wisely and wouldn’t go into any details about what specifically was said. He said some of his earlier comments were spurred by anger caused by media and public criticism after he was strung into a media tsunami.

“We feel we have to respond to some of the attacks that have been coming our way, and the thought that somehow we wanted our daughter to die.”

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