Baby Kaylee is still struggling to feel better in Toronto’s Sick Kids hospital as she continues to battle seizure-like symptoms.

“The only update that can be provided is nothing that suggests positive things,” said Jason Wallace, Kaylee’s father. “Really what the situation is that she is too unstable to do neurological testing … they are talking about putting her to sleep for the rest of these tests because she is not responding like the normal baby would.”

Doctors would like to do this testing to determine the permanency of the uncontrolled head movements, eye-wincing and extremely high heart beats, ranging from 200 to 230 per minute, that has been plaguing Kaylee lately.

But to do so, the baby would need to be significantly sedated, which could have serious consequences.

"She will probably be required to be put to sleep to have this neurological testing because she is too unsettled for them to get a proper result,” said Wallace.

He is willing to consider the testing if consequences aren’t serious enough to put her into a coma.

Day to day Kaylee seems unhappy due to the pain and has a hard time remaining calm.

Kaylee was rushed back to hospital on Canada Day when she suffered what was thought to be a heart attack or a stroke.