Autopsy reveals body was a boy

It was a newborn boy that was laid to rest, wrapped in a blanket and newspaper dated 1925, beneath the floorboards of a Toronto home, an autopsy and X-rays have confirmed.

Ontario’s Deputy Chief Coroner, Dr. Jim Cairns, said yesterday there was no evidence of foul play, “no injuries, no stab marks and most of the internal organs could be examined. The baby had 10 little fingers and 10 little toes. It’s pretty remarkable.”

A renovator working on a house on Kintyre Avenue near Queen Street and Broadview on Tuesday night found the mummified remains of the boy.


Cairns said he could know within a week whether the baby was born alive or dead. Tiny sacs inside the lungs would be filled with air and float in water if the baby drew breath. But, after 80 years, Cairns says, the air may have escaped for other reasons.

The date on the newspaper is the best indicator of when the baby was born, he says. It was dated Sept. 15, 1925.


  • The baby was full-term and showed no signs of congenital disease, according to a police press release issued late yesterday.