An eight-month-old baby boy has been seized by the Ministry of Children and Family Development from a Surrey home after police, investigating a stolen property case, found the child living in “disgusting” conditions.

RCMP Cpl. Holly Marks said yesterday officers were called to the home in the 15,000 block of 88 Avenue on Friday to investigate property stolen from a Langley home and being sold on Craigslist.

“The residence (was) described as ‘disgusting’ by attending officers,” said Marks.

“It was dirty and dangerous and, frankly, unfit for a child of that age to be living there. The boy’s parents were not home at the time and those charged with his care were transients who showed no care or concern for the boy.”

Marks said drug paraphernalia, cigarette butts and sharp objects were found within reach of the baby, who was “crawling in the dirt among paint balls and tools.”

“The residence did not have (electricity) and the transients were smoking cigarettes beside the baby boy in a confined air space,” Marks added.

“The child didn’t look malnourished … or mistreated. In a different house and in clean clothes he would fit in. He was just ignored and filthy.”

The parents of the baby arrived home while an officer for the ministry was on the scene, and the couple was to have met with Children’s Services on Monday.

Marks said she called the ministry yesterday, which said it couldn’t yet share details of the child’s whereabouts.

The stolen property —Corvette parts — was recovered.