There’s a CFLer who makes significantly more money in his off-season job than during the season.

Jesse Palmer collects tens of thousands as an NFL analyst for Fox TV these days. As a practice-roster quarterback with the Montreal Alouettes last season, Palmer never played in a game and literally was paid next to nothing. Palmer has no plans to abandon the CFL, though. He intends to return to the Als in a reserve capacity again next season, if, for no other reason, than to keep in shape for 2008. That’s when he hopes a new Ottawa organization will be operating in the CFL. Palmer’s father, Frank, is the front man for a group vying to receive CFL approval to start up shop in Ottawa for ’08 — and the plan is for Jesse to be not only the starting QB but also a part-owner.

Jesse was raised in the Ottawa area before stints as an NFL backup QB and as the star of The Bachelor TV show. He’s a natural on the tube, albeit a bit bland as a colour commentator. Mind you, he emerged with a decent line Sunday, during the Green Bay-Detroit game, while discussing the officials’ new outfits. "I’m not a fan of those pants," he cracked. "They’re waiting for a treadmill somewhere."


•Talks between the Argonauts and QB Casey Printers quietly have begun and look for the former CFL MVP to start next season with Toronto, for big bucks, instead of returning to the NFL practice roster in Kansas City ... I’m told the Als are planning a night next season in honor of their former (and unpopular) coach, Don Matthews. I wonder if anyone will show for it. Heck, given his desire to stay out of the limelight, he may not even show up.

•Get this: The Tigers plan to forbid their players from playing video games. Turns out Detroit reliever Joel Zumaya missed three playoff games last season because of forearm inflammation, caused by playing a videogame ... Pitcher Brad Radke retires today, and he’s a rarity, having spent all 12 of his seasons with one team — Minnesota.

•The Allen Iverson trade rumours are endless, but there’s one raising eyebrows because it suggests he’ll be in the same backcourt as Steve Nash. Phoenix reportedly is offering Kurt Thomas and Marcus Banks to Philly for A.I. ... Portland is trying desperately to dump troublechild Zach Randolph... Ron Artest and Mike Bibby are in open warfare in Sacramento, criticizing each other publicly ... In Cleveland, youngster LeBron James claims he’s tired. Poor kid. Must be all the commercials.

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