Billy Ray Cyrus
Album: Back To Tennessee
Label: Disney/Universal
Rating: **

Does this man have no shame? It’s not so much that Billy Ray Cyrus is trying to kickstart his dead-end career on the back of his mega-rich daughter, but it’s the fact that he’s actually gone ahead and released a mainstream country album on the Disney label.

Does he honestly think that legions of Hannah Montana fans are going to rush out and buy this CD simply because their idol was spawned from his seed? Some of them will no doubt find comfort in the fact that the biggest hit on the album is the “bonus track” Butterfly Fly Away, a duet with Miley.

To be fair, there are some decent tracks, especially the down tempo He’s Mine and the rocker Love Is The Lesson. But others like Thrillbilly and Country As Country Can Be are rendered laughable by the fact that we’ll be seeing Billy Ray on the Family Channel as soon as the kids come home from school.

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