Redditor AsleepAtTheWhale pulled the ultimate prank on his two heterosexual bros, Pat and Jason: He edited a romantic, slow-mo music video of them and set it to "Coming Home" by Drake. He wrote on Reddit, "I turned footage of my friends into a romantic music video, they are not happy."

In the video, he explains: "Today my friends allowed me to film them hanging out in the city. And now I'm going to use slow-motion and Drake to prove they're in love. They're also both straight and have asked me not to post this. Enjoy." Bros, never trust bros.

The brilliant video captures the two men strolling through Philadelphia, giggling and exchanging glances - one scene even shows them posing sweetly in a mirror. There are close-ups of eyelash batting and slow blinks and even a shot of one picking up the other.

There's a brief NSFW shot at 1:27 that we're positive Pat and Jason didn't want on the Internet, but commenters are loving the video, writing "They're so cute together. /r/ainbow is going to love this video," referring to Reddit's LGBT forum and "haha this is magical, tell your friends they make a good couple."


We fully back this bromance.

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