Whether it’s a dog that just won’t stop barking or one that aggressively pulls on the leash during walks, pets that misbehave can become such a nuisance to their owners that they eventually end up in shelters — or worse.

Dog trainer Seanna O’Neill was at NAIT this weekend to encourage frustrated owners to explore other options, and demonstrated some of the dog sports that can help keep behaviour in check.

“If you have a dog that’s misbehaving on a regular basis, some people just don’t know what to do with those dogs,” O’Neill said. “They don’t even want to take their dogs for a walk anymore.”


O’Neill said many dogs just need a second chance, but that there’s a need for more veterinary technicians and assistants who play a crucial role in saving those animals from being put down or sent to live in shelters.

“A misbehaving dog cannot only be annoying, it can be downright dangerous,” O’Neill said. “This is when graduates from programs, like the programs here at NAIT, can be hugely influential in helping those dogs get training or even sometimes find better, more appropriate homes.”

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