It will now be at least the end of this week before it’s determined whether the woman accused in the killing of Jennifer Horne will receive bail.

A bail hearing for Ashley Haley began last Friday at Nova Scotia Supreme Court in Halifax, but it didn’t conclude. It’s now expected to wrap up this Friday.

This is the second delay in the bail hearing process for Haley, one of two people accused in the killing of Horne 39 months ago.

The Crown is opposed to Haley’s release, which if it does happen, would come under the province’s adult bail supervision program.

Haley and her common-law partner Desmond Maguire are each facing first-degree murder charges in the death of Horne, a 20-year-old Cole Harbour woman found dead in their apartment Dec. 31, 2007.

Both Haley and Maguire have been in jail since being arrested shortly after Haley’s body was discovered.

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