A north-end bakery has reopened its doors after a pest infestation shut it down for the second time in six months.

A species of beetle, larvae, and maggots were found in the equipment, food containers and food storage and prep areas of Cay’s Bakery (15719 — 116 Ave.), health inspection officials said yesterday.

“They have complied and the order has been rescinded,” said Ambrose Law, Alberta Health Services inspector. “They have cleaned out all the equipment as well as removed all the contaminated food that we noted.”

Though the order was rescinded, he added the bakery is on the health authority’s radar, as the business has a history of pest infestations.

Owner Phong Tran said the bugs came from bags of flour left open and forgotten in a corner.

“We were using the bags before but the customers stopped ordering that kind so I put them in the corner and forgot about them for a long time,” he said.

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