Lucas Oleniuk/torstar news service


For real estate revolutionary Gil Blutrich, life is all about balancing friends and work.

Some professionals are pros at mixing the personal with the professional and for 40- year-old Gil Blutrich, owner and real estate revolutionary of award-winning boutique hotels Cosmopolitan Toronto Hotel and Pantages Suites Hotel & Spa, building his personal vices of yoga, self-pampering and holistic meetings into his professional day isn’t an option. It’s a necessity.

Blutrich is also the president and founder of the group of 40 private real estate companies responsible for both boutique hotels—the Skyline International Development Group Inc. “For me it’s all about balance. Work, family, friends they all have their time and place and if one is neglected they all suffer. I truly believe in the benefits of meditation in both my personal and professional life. It gives me a new perspective on things and helps to keep my mind focused,” says Blutrich.

Besides simply erecting buildings Blutrich has always married his love of real estate with his appreciation for health and wellness.

“Any establishment of mine must feel like a home away from home for my clients and guests,” explains Blutrich. As a natural extension of Blutrich’s health and wellness beliefs, the Pantages Suites Hotel & Spa, named after its namesake the Pantages Theatre, has created the industry’s first ever exclusive conference level. The boutique hotel offers meeting planners, company employees and conference delegates what Blutrich coined as “The Holistic Meeting Package” to help put a little Zen into everyday office meetings.

If an employee can imagine a meeting space with the addition of live plants, aromatherapy, organic meals, natural ’nature’ surround sound, visual therapy as well as yoga and massage breaks prior to, during or after their meeting, the Pantages holistic conference level can provide them with that ’rainforest’ or ’beach resort’ type meeting. For more information, visit The Pantages Suites Hotel & Spa at