One of the biggest bands to come out of the UK in the past twenty years, Oasis have to date sold over 50 million albums worldwide, including 1.25 million in Canada alone. Oasis are no strangers to Toronto, indeed it’s one of their favourite places to play. This will be their 13th live appearance here since their debut show at Lee’s Palace back in October 1994. Most recently, Oasis has been in Los Angeles recording their 7th studio album with producer Dave Sardy.

Oasis formed in 1991 in Manchester, England, when Liam Gallagher replaced the lead singer of another band called The Rain. After watching Oasis’ first gig, older brother Noel asked if he could join the band as a way to make use of some song’s he’d written. Noel took charge of the group, simplifying their approach to music and giving Oasis a beautiful and simplified music style.

In 1993 Oasis was spotted at a gig in Glasgow and was signed within days. A year later their debut album Definitely Maybe was released, entering the charts at No. 1 and soon became the fastest selling debut album in the UK.

Various band members leaving and numerous spats between brothers and other Britpop bands did not stop Oasis from releasing one of the biggest albums of the 90’s. (What’s the Story) Morning Glory? Was the third largest selling album of all time in the UK, and played on a loop in practically every North American kid’s walkman. “Wonderwall” is still synonymous with 1995, and other hits like “Don’t Look Back in Anger” and “Champagne Supernova” took the world by storm. Oasis concerts sold out in minutes and their songs dominated the airwaves. Despite the success, there was tension in the group and it appeared the band was going to break up. But they didn’t

Instead Oasis headed to Abbey Road Studios in London and recorded their third album Be Here Now, which spawned the hit “D’You Know What I Mean?” and became the fastest selling album in British history.

By the late 90’s the Britpop craze had mellowed but Oasis kept the music coming with their fourth album Standing On the Shoulder of Giants. The band faced some injuries and some scuffles while on tour, but clung together to release their fifth album Heathen Chemistry, a disc that returned to Oasis’ basic rock sound. This tour was once again eventful, complete with a car accident, arrests, lost teeth and fines.

In 2005, after a few scrapped recording sessions, Oasis released its sixth album Don’t Believe the Truth, which bore hit singles “Lyla,” “The importance of Being Idle,” and “Let There be Love.” The following tour included sold out shows and a rockumentary – and fewer injuries and disputes.

Now, in 2008, Oasis is taking the stage at V-Fest in anticipation of their seventh studio album.