Blockade own facilities after meeting fails

photo courtesy of robert joe


Sechelt Band Members have blockaded three of their band’s facilities and vow not to leave until Chief Councillor Stan Dixon resigns.

Members of the Sechelt Indian Band have blockaded three of the band’s own facilities, and vow not to move until Chief Councillor Stan Dixon resigns.

“The doors are locked and chained and no one’s getting in,” said Sechelt Rights and Title co-ordinator Robert Joe, who added his job has been threatened.

“We’re vowing to stay until he resigns.”

Joe said Dixon acted alone when accepting an apology from the RCMP for last week’s incident in which some members were pepper-sprayed.

“The apology was to him and not the people,” said Joe. “Public apology means to the public.”

A general meeting was held Monday night to address Dixon’s actions. “It was pretty heated and there was a lot of hollering,” said Joe.

“We demanded his resignation but he called us a mob and wouldn’t listen,” he said. “There’s no democracy here.”

Dixon wasn’t present when the incident happened, and therefore should have sought membership input.

“He (Dixon) had no right to accept an apology on our behalf,” said Shannon Phillips, who was pepper-sprayed along with six-month-old son Kayden.

Calls to Dixon yesterday were unanswered.

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