Rambo, meet Bandit — all the proof you’ll ever need that life on Ontario’s death row for doggies isn’t, well, a terminal experience.
Rambo, a pit bull puppy hauled into court recently for the simple crime of being young, now faces death by euthanasia. But Bandit’s been under a sentence of death since 2004, when a judge ordered the pit bull-Labrador cross to be put down for a vicious attack on a three-year old boy a year earlier.
Today Bandit is doing just fine, say his supporters at the Toronto Humane Society, which has custody while the appeals work their way through court.
Bandit’s attack on the little boy should be blamed on a puppy’s lack of training and boundaries, THS workers say. With training, they note, Bandit has turned into a friendly, well-adjusted dog.
“He looks nice, he’s OK, and everybody here likes him,” said Tim Trow, THS president. “He never was aggressive. He was just a puppy with one biting incident.”
Rambo doesn’t even have a bite on his rap sheet.
The worst thing about him is his birthday. The 10-month-old puppy was born well after a provincewide ban on new pit bulls took effect Aug. 29, 2005.
Picked up by Mississauga animal control officers on Christmas Day last month after he ran away from the backyard of his owner, Gabriela Nowakowska, Rambo is now in custody while his owner challenges Ontario’s ban on the breed.