The wives of several Canadian soldiers are asking Vancouverites to take time out of their busy Christmas shopping to sign a giant card for the troops overseas.

Joanna Stella-LaRue, whose husband spent most of 2008 in Afghanistan, said even messages from strangers have a huge impact on the morale of soldiers separated from their families during the holidays.

LaRue was one of the first people to sign a giant banner at Sears downtown, which the public is invited to sign. The banner will be up until Dec. 8, when it will be sent to Kandahar.

Kuljit Sajjan, whose husband, Harjit, was deployed to Afghanistan last month, signed the card with her two-year-old daughter, Jeevut.

“We often get caught in the politics and we forget those ... who have chosen to fight overseas for their country, at great sacrifice,” she said. “(This) card will give them some comfort
as they’re away from their loved ones (over Christmas).”

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