Serve up swanky drinks at your next soirée with a well-stocked bar. But, please, no juggling à la Tom Cruise in Cocktail on your first go!

• Martini (for its namesake and other fruity concoctions)
• Highball (for mixed drinks, sodas or beer)
• Tumbler (for single-spirit drinks served on the rocks)
• Wine (narrow bowl for white and wider for red)

• Jiggers
• Cocktail shaker and strainer
• Stirrers
• Corkscrew and bottle opener
• Zester
• Muddler (mojitos, anyone?)
• Ice bucket and tongs
• Small knife and cutting board (for fruit)
• Manual juicer
• Blender (to make drinks worthy of paper umbrellas)
• Napkins and a few tea towels (to mop up spills)

• Vodka (the base for many mixed drinks)
• Gin (it was good enough for the Queen Mum!)
• White rum
• Tequila
• Red and white wine
• Champagne (who needs an occasion to celebrate?)
• Beer mixers
• Tonic and soda water
• Cola
• Ginger ale
• Juices (orange, pomegranate, grapefruit, cranberry, Clamato)

• Olives
• Cherries
• Celery
• Mint leaves
• Sugar (for rimming)
• Lemons and limes

Remember, if you serve guests alcohol, you’re responsible for them even after they leave. Always have designated drivers, and if anyone overindulges, offer the pullout or call a cab.

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