Things just might get a little more interesting tomorrow.

Former longtime CTV anchor Barb Higgins, who just announced she is stepping down last week, is set to meet with media tomorrow amid speculation she will run for mayor in October.

An advisory went out Tuesday morning to announce she would meet with reporters Wednesday at 9:30 a.m. at the Marriot Hotel, fueling even more speculation she is ready to announce her bid.

If she throws her hat into the mayoralty ring, she would be the first female to do so and according to several Calgary political scientists, she would have a good chance at being one of the top contenders for the position, which now has 12 candidates.

Higgins would be following in former journalist Ralph Klein’s footsteps, who went on to become not only the Calgary mayor but the Alberta premier.

City council had their last meeting on Monday, and won’t meet again until after the new field of aldermen is chosen.