Barnyard animals going critter to critter in a race to the finish line are a popular new attraction at the Calgary Stampede this year, according to the barnyard race announcer.

Boss Hog said the pig and other barnyard animal races in the Midway Circus have been so popular and busy people have to get their seats early.

“It has been amazing and people just love it. The show is a hillbilly good time and it’s interactive and the audiences just eat it up,” the announcer said.

While Boss Hog and his wife have been doing the barnyard races across the continent for years, it’s the first time they have been to the Calgary Stampede.

“It’s been busy since we started. I think people like the fact they can come in after and pet the animals.”

Watching pigs, ducks and other animals race is a free event unlike anything else at the Stampede, he added.

“And it is fun for all ages. We targeted kids for the show but probably 85 per cent of the audience is older people like myself.”

Martin Taylor took in the show with friends and said he had a great time.

“I think the pigs were my favourite. It was actually just really funny and a lot of fun to watch,” he said.

A pig named after Metro reporter

Boss Hog named a pig after Metro Calgary reporter Krista Sylvester, who is set to race every day during the Stampede. So be sure to cheer Krista Sylvester on.

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