In the course of history, the Bahamas have weathered the comings and goings of lawless pirates, Spanish invaders, slave-holding British loyalists who fled the United States after the Revolutionary War, Civil War-era blockade runners and Prohibition rumrunners. How is it faring in the present? Today the Bahamas is a top tourist destination for millions — and so much more:

It’s still very British: From driving on the left side of the road (albeit mostly in left-hand cars) to wig-wearing lawyers strolling to court, the Bahamas still has a decidedly British air to it. The country gained independence from England in 1973, but old colonial habits die hard.

It’s a playground for the famous: Sean Connery lives behind the gates on New Providence Island, while Johnny Depp, David Copperfield, Nicholas Cage, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill own their own islands.

It’s not part of the Caribbean: Even though the country gets lumped in with the Caribbean in glossy travel brochures and on cruise itineraries, it is not geographically part of it. Rather than being situated in the Caribbean Sea, the islands of the Bahamas are in the Atlantic Ocean.

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