The Switch isn’t your average romantic comedy. It’s about a single woman (Jennifer Aniston) who seeks out a sperm donor rather than waiting for Mr. Right.


Then her best friend (Jason Bateman) accidentally spills the sample and replaces it himself, making them unconventional parents who fall for each other later. Not exactly a plot that could have been recycled from a 1960s rom-com.


“That’s why the script jumped out at me immediately,” Aniston told Metro. “I know many women who have gone through the struggles, heartbreaks, and frustrations of fertility. So this is about something very timely and progressive. Plus it also has a love story woven through it that I think is beautiful.”


Just when Aniston’s observation threatened to make the conversation serious, co-star Jason Bateman jumped in to remind us that it’s a comedy.


“I think that we should charge more for that movie than just $10 now,” joked the actor. “That sounds like a full package.”

That combination of insightful sentiment with sarcastic belly laughs encapsulates the movie as well as the relationship between the two leads.

The former Friends star signed on to the project because she “Looks for stories that are true to life and relatable,” while Bateman responded to the material because it allowed him to explore the awkward and victimized male comedic lead that he’s toyed with since Arrested Development.

“I don’t know how much of that was just me being interested in that type of character and trying to cram that into what was written though,” remarked the actor.

Aniston and Bateman seem to share a genuine friendship both on and off screen. This, of course, begs the age-old question about whether men and women can only be friends. Aniston laughed before responding with a dismissive “Of course,” but Bateman had a different point of view.

“I feel like a guy and a girl can be best friends as long as at least one of them is in a relationship,” says the actor. “But as soon as both are single, start the clock, soak it in booze, and watch things happen.”