Graphically and gameplay-wise Lost Planet: Extreme Condition is impressive. However, where it loses points is its lack of co-op and non-online multiplayer modes.


Lost Planet: Extreme Condition

Publisher: Capcom

Platforms: Xbox 360

Rating: T — Teen

Game type: Shooter

**** (out of 5)

• What’s the premise?

The battle for control of the planet E.D.N. III isn’t going very well for Wayne Holden. In a skirmish against the alien forces of the insect-like Akrid, Wayne, in his robotic Vital Suit (VS), is sent smashing out into the frozen wastelands of the planet. When he is rescued by a ragtag group of snow pirates, much of his memory is gone, but the battle against the Akrid rages on as the truth behind Wayne’s past slowly comes to light.

• This game is most similar to…?

Gears Of War, but instead of ducking in a war zone, there’s robots and tundra. OK, so maybe similar to Gears is a stretch. How about in the ballpark of?

• Can I let my kid/kid brother play it?

The bullets are whizzing by pretty fast and furious and the various Akrid can be pretty creepy. This one might be best for only the teen or older members of the family.

• One player or more?

There’s sadly no co-op mode and no multiplayer deathmatch (except online), adding up to one very solo game, whether you like it or not.

• The (not-so) secret to success is…?

Stay warm. Instead of a standard health meter, you have a thermal energy bar and if you don’t blast some Akrid and steal their energy — you’re a Popsicle! The same goes for fighting — you get hit, you lose heat. So stay on your toes or they’ll get frozen off.

• What’s missing?

Well the aforementioned co-op and multiplayer modes would be nice.

• And in the end?

Graphically and gameplay-wise, Lost Planet is dynamite. The action both on Wayne’s own two feet or in his VS is really fun and looks amazing. The story kind of meanders, but manages to hold it together enough to make this a great option for all those who need something else after two straight months of Gears Of War.

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