The third in a “triple crown” of islands in the Musquodoboit Harbour has now become a conservation site.

The Nature Conservancy of Canada has acquired Bayers Island, a 79-acre piece of land about 30 kilometres outside of Halifax. Bayers Island is one of three islands forming an archipelago in Musquodoboit Harbour.

The NCC secured the other two islands — Francis Nose Island and Gunner Island — in 2000 and 2001 respectively. They announced yesterday in a release they had completed their goal of a “triple crown.”

The announcement is part of NCC’s eighth annual Gifts to Canadians. Leading up to Canada Day they will announce 10 new land sites acquired, one for each province, totalling just over 556 square kilometres.

“As we approach our nation’s birthday, we need to ensure future generations will be able to enjoy Canada’s natural beauty” Linda Stephenson, regional vice-president of NCC Atlantic Region, said in a release.

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