Summer is just around the corner, and nothing says summer like a barbecue. The smell of sizzling steaks permeates the air, roasted vegetables glisten succulently and everyone in the neighbourhood finds themselves hungry.

To barbecue masters everywhere, this is a dream situation. But what about those who are just unlucky when it comes to grilled goodies?

Enter NAIT’s BBQ Basics workshop. The popular day-long workshop, which will have two Saturday sessions in total in April and May, is geared toward barbecue lovers who just can’t seem to get anything other than a seared briquette from their grills. Students will need to sign up fast, though — the April session is already full.

“We demonstrate with a variety of different foods, so students actually get to see it prepared and how it’s done,” says instructor Pierre Plamondon, who is a graduate of NAIT’s culinary arts program and has been grilling for more than 30 years.

Participating students will learn about the history of open-flame grilling, care and maintenance of barbecues, tools of the trade and what kinds of seasoning can be used in a given situation among other things.

Plamondon says the course is perfect for those who simply love barbecued food, but can also be applied professionally.

“It’s for the general foodie-type person who wants to get some knowledge and techniques and improve their abilities,” Plamondon explains.

“It does cover a pretty big range of knowledge and skills, so anybody who is wanting to apply that in an actual food establishment, that would be beneficial as well.”

Plamondon also notes that the most important thing for students to bring is a good pair of sturdy shoes. After all, barbecuing does require the cook to be on his or her feet, and the sessions are four hours long.

“A pair of comfortable shoes is pretty much the main thing,” Plamondon says. “Shoes that are comfortable and fairly sturdy, not like sandals.”

The BBQ Basics course is open to anyone through NAIT’s continuing education program.

Anyone who is interested is encouraged to sign up through the school’s continuing education website.