Young people in need of some job tips were welcome to McIntyre Park on 104th Street and 83rd Avenue on Thursday for the Service Canada Centre for Youth barbecue, which is partnered with the Old Strathcona Youth Co-op. The event was to promote the effort to focus on helping youth gain job finding skills.

“We’re trying to provide information to the youth, and we’re just trying to make sure they have their resources,” said Brad Boyd, Lead Youth Services Officer. “A lot of them don’t like to come downtown so it’s best to come to them.”

The SCCY helps youth in skills such as writing resumes, interview skills, and job search skills.

The Old Strathcona Youth Co-op is a drop in facility for young people in need.

“I had a great time so I keep coming back,” said Jason Adams, who has sought help from the organization.

“It’s really good to feel like you belong somewhere,” Adams added.

“Somewhere positive, rather than hanging out on the street with all the drug addicts.”

The Youth Co op is located at 10325 83rd Avenue.

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