VICTORIA - B.C.'s children's representative will release her report
today into whether social workers and the B.C. legal system could have
done anything to prevent the death of a six-year-old boy who was
slaughtered in his home by his father.


Christian Lee was found
dead, along with his mother and grandparents, when police responded to
a murder-suicide call at an upscale home in Oak Bay in 2007.


inquest was called into the deaths and heard from several witnesses,
including a senior official with the B.C. children's ministry who
testified that social workers were sent to Christian's home to
investigate his mother's allegations of abuse, but they never spoke to


Peter Lee was charged with injuring his wife by
deliberately crashing the vehicle they were both riding in and he was
on bail in 2007 when he went on the murderous rampage, stabbing his
family and then himself to death.


The inquest heard Lee had
violated his bail conditions, but his bail was never revoked because
the infractions weren't considered serious.

The inquest was
halted before it was completed after inquest jurors asked to hear
testimony from the Crown lawyers involved in prosecuting Lee for the
traffic incident, but the Crown refused, saying having them do so would
violate the integrity of the legal system.

The B.C. Court of Appeal ruled in July that the prosecutors did not have to testify.