Nutritionist Michele Kingston reveals ways you may be damaging your skin without even knowing it.

1 Smoking — Puffing away increases oxidants and causes wrinkles. It also reduces the amount of zinc held in the body that is needed for skin healing.

2 Crash dieting — Fats are needed for the integrity of each skin cell. Frequent yo-yo dieting can affect the skin’s elasticity and cause sagging.

3 Running — High-impact sports can cause sagging and stretching because of the forces exerted on the skin when bouncing up and down. Running could also lead to dehydration, which could result in skin that’s dry or lacks firmness.

4 Lack of sleep — Sleep is the body’s time to repair and rejuvenate. Less sleep means less time for the body to heal. The position of your face on the pillow could cause creasing of the skin and eventual formation of wrinkles. Switching to a silk pillowcase could prevent this.

5 Cosmetics — Some beauty products contain a nasty chemical called sodium lauryl sulphate that can dissolve the skin’s natural fats.