Two city police officers had to shoot an attacking dog several times to kill it after a break-and-enter suspect allegedly turned the animal loose on them.


Police announced charges yesterday against a 24-year-old city woman they allege unleashed a boxer dog to attack police. They had yet to release the suspect’s name as of Metro’s deadline yesterday.


The charges against the female suspect include: break and enter; assault with a weapon; assaulting an officer; resisting arrest, and mischief. Ottawa Police Staff-Sgt. Anda Pember said yesterday the officers were fortunate that the dog’s attack did not puncture their skin, meaning they did not require any vaccinations.


The incident began early Saturday morning, when a homeowner confronted a woman removing items from his shed behind a house on Amberwood Crescent. The resident told police that the woman became aggressive toward him and punched him once, before walking away.


Police soon located a suspect on Prince of Wales Drive. She had two dogs with her, which she had tied to a telephone pole.

While resisting arrest, the suspect at one point unleashed one of the dogs that lunged at the officer, biting his right leg below the knee.

The officer shot the dog in the hind area, but did not immobilize it. The dog attacked a second officer, biting his groin. It took several more shots to ground the animal.