Doing the full Churchill guided tour isn’t cheap. Between flights, hotels, meals and the full tundra experience, a one-week stay can cost you $12,000. Per person.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t see Churchill and the polar bears for less. Here are three tips:

1. Take the train: An economy train ticket costs about $200. A flight costs about $1,000. Do the math, but be aware: The train takes two days, while a plane takes two hours.

2. Bring your own food: Bringing a suitcase of your own non-perishables might be the way to go. While restaurant prices aren’t unreasonable, it’s still cheaper to make your own food. Several hotels offer a kitchenette where you can heat up soup or make toast. Food is expensive in the North.


3. Do more than polar bears: Seeing the polar bears is one of the most expensive things you can do — about $400 per day per person. While it’s highly recommended, you’ll still have a spectacular time seeing them over one day and doing other activities the next. The Prince of Wales Fort national historical site is free, and the Eskimo Museum is inexpensive. Try your hand at mushing (sled-dog racing) or check out the Northern Lights.

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