Polar bears have been used as a symbol or logo for everything from diamonds to sports teams. Here’s a quick run down of a few:

  • Cola: Coca Cola has been using the Polar Bear as its official symbol since 1922. It started with an ad campaign in France and grew from there. This year, Coke is changing its iconic red cans to white with stylized polar bears on it as part of their Arctic Home Campaign.

  • Diamonds: Canadian company Polar Bear Diamonds uses the Polar Bear as their official symbol. According to their website, all Polar Bear Diamonds are mined ethically in the North West Territories.

  • The Town of Churchill: The Polar Bear has been the town’s official logo for decades. The town calls itself the Polar Bear Capital of the World, and lives up to its slogan and logo. Incidentally, there are few businesses in Churchill that don’t incorporate the Polar Bear into their logo somehow.

  • Sports: The Hudson Bay Helicopters uses a polar bear in its logo.

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