A MySpace account profile of serial child-killer Clifford Olson is no longer available for public viewing after Corrections Canada requested its removal.

The federal agency has launched an internal investigation to look into how prison photos of the 68-year-old murderer known as The Beast of B.C. were uploaded to the website.

As of yesterday, it wasn’t known who created the site, which was accessible on Tuesday night but later limited to private-access only.

John Brent, a spokesperson for Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day, said Olson does not have Internet access in jail.

He added that Day “is concerned with the fact that a social network has posted pictures of a notorious serial child-killer on their website.”

Trudy Court, who’s 13-year-old sister was murdered by Olson in 1981, was shocked to find the web page while preparing for the serial killer’s next parole hearing later this year.

“I’m like, ‘No, it can’t be right,’ ” Court told Global News, adding that she wants to know how the photos became available.

“If it is not him and it is somebody else who created this, where did they get the pictures from?"

Olson is serving the 27th year of a life sentence in a Quebec prison for murdering 11 children and teenagers in the 1980s.

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