Add more protein, nutritionist says





Consuming all of the rich foods the holidays have to offer can leave one in a rut when it comes to getting back on track. Cravings can be a strong force in straying from a diet.


Ciara Foy, a registered nutritional consultant practitioner from Life Nourished Naturally said beating bad eating habits starts first thing in the morning. "I recommend always getting enough protein in your breakfast. A protein shake with whey isolate, no artificial sweeteners or colours, and milk, soy milk and frozen fruit. If you get enough nutrients and protein, it will keep your blood sugar stable."

It is key to stick with foods that have a high level of nutrients and little refinement. "If you’ve gone from eating sugars and excess fat, you have to take out the processed stuff and eat whole foods," Foy said. "This means whole brown rice and grains."

Whole foods are packed with nutrients instead of excess filler sugars, making it easier for the body to process. Because they don’t cause blood sugars to spike and extra fat storage, they are good to depend upon while dieting.

Planning ahead with healthy alternatives throughout the day is the best defence against temptation.

"Have two balanced snacks, like a dozen almonds and an apple. Plan ahead, have a great breakfast, take your almonds with you so you don’t get stuck and then eat what is available," she said.