A protest organized by PETA featuring two nude women in a shower stall on the edge of the Downtown Eastside attracted a lot of attention — some of it unwanted.

The volunteers, who undressed behind a mini shower curtain sporting the message One Kilogram of Meat Equals Six Months of Showers, soon caught the eyes of passersby and nearby construction workers.

Some whistled and one onlooker yelled, “Ladies, you’re stopping us from doing our work!”

One woman who was hanging out at Victory Square walked up to the volunteers and lifted up the shower curtain, giving onlookers too much to look at.

As PETA staff moved the woman away, a man climbed onto a nearby railing to peek over the curtain.

The animal rights organization is known for using nudity to promote its causes. Yesterday’s rally was advertised as: “Nude PETA beauties shower on sidewalk to expose meat’s devastating impact on the planet.”

Nicole Matthews said at the protest that raising livestock consumes a lot of energy.

“Just by changing their diets, concerned people can protect the Earth, their own health and countless animals.”

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