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Basements are no longer the junky spaces they once were.

Many of us associate basements with cast-off furniture, musty carpets and fake paneling. Thank goodness the whole concept of basement living has changed. Junky was never alright in our book, but now, it’s just not done.

Instead of an unorganized collection of “rec room” furniture, the new basement is about spaces for special functions. It’s a place where you can indulge your interests and hobbies in a way that was not common in the past. The basement may contain a play area for the kids, a painting studio for mom, and a home office. Or it may have a yoga studio, a music studio, and a home theatre.

But first of all, remember a basement needs a decor. A mish-mash of items thrown together in the hopes that a style will appear is not acceptable. Not only should decor be present, it should be in line with the rest of the house. For example, a modern look on the main floor should be reflected in the basement decor.

Basements are often dark, so paint walls and ceilings in light colours. Avoid low-quality ceiling tiles, as they’re just plain ugly, and especially avoid dark ceiling tiles. Consider drywall: it looks great! Also maximize the natural light you have. Use curtains in a way that doesn’t block light and install mirrors opposite windows to multiply the effect.

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