Soccer superstar David Beckham has hit back over claims in an American magazine that he slept with a $5,000-a-night hooker, saying he had an alibi for every time she claims they had sex.

The 35-year-old LA Galaxy player is suing Touch magazine for $25 million over claims he held regular trysts with prostitute Irma Nicci.

In a filing to a court in London, he says on one occasion — when she claims they had sex with a second prostitute in a New York hotel — he was in fact in another hotel room, accompanied by his security team, having a massage before a big game the following day.

He counters another allegation that the pair met up in London by saying he was visiting his sick father, who had suffered a heart attack, at the time.

And he denied paying her $10,000 in cash, saying he never carried large amounts with him.
Beckham has vehemently denied the claims since they were made in October.

The London filing says the magazine’s claims caused him “severe emotional distress, including extended humiliation, embarrassment, anger and worry.”

Beckham denies ever meeting Nicci and says he has never been to the New York hotel where she alleged the threesome happened.

Beckham’s five-page denial was filed in the week it was announced he and his wife Victoria are expecting their fourth child.