After nearly two months of coping with a nagging rash, a local student realized he wasn’t alone inside his University of Calgary studio apartment.

“I found a bedbug in my bed. It made it really obvious what was going on,” said Evan, 20, last name withheld at his request.

The second-year student informed officials of the problem inside his Olympus Hall residence and learned of at least other three cases at the university.

He was told to fill out a form and wait for an exterminator to spray the room.

“In what I had been reading, it just didn’t seem like they would be able to get rid of them,” Evan said.

Evan opted not stay in his Olympus Hall residence and moved out around the beginning of November.


The student believes it isn’t fair he has to pay the residence fees for the full semester. Matthew Knox, president of the university’s Residence Students’ Association, was not aware of Evan’s specific case but said he likely would have been granted reprieve had he made the situation known earlier.

Several other students entering and exiting Olympus Hall yesterday said they had not been informed of bedbugs.