A river teeming with rapids of cold, frosty beer will be flowing through the downtown core this weekend, forcing those caught in the swell to drink their way out.

More than 16,000 litres of brew will be poured to thirsty patrons at the third annual Edmonton International Beerfest, which runs Friday and Saturday at the Shaw Conference Centre.

“It’s about that appreciation for beer,” said co-organizer Sean Farmer. “If people enjoy beer, they better come out.”

More than 60 vendors will be showcasing at least 200 beers — a bevy of concoctions from brewmasters around the globe.

A list of innovative ales and lagers will be unveiled, including a fat-free boozy concoction boasting zero carbs and full-bodied flavour.

“There’s always something that people have never tried,” Farmer said.

Local barkeeps will experience the breakthrough brewski technology, revolutionizing the way pint glasses are filled, he added, describing a stackable beer box predicted to replace the traditional keg.

Chatter from revellers will be in competition with eight local bands and DJs, soundtracking the event until the very last drops at 10 p.m.

“We like to focus on other aspects other than binge drinking — which we’re experts at,” smiling co-organizer Dave Wilder said, adding an early cut-off time was designed with moderation in mind.

“It’s a little bit of everything to everyone, but we’re trying to create an educational environment.”