Clutching small Canadian flags, a first wave of B.C. government employees left Vancouver yesterday to promote business and tourism in China ahead of the 2008 Beijing Olympics Games.
The group of about 20 people will spend the next nine weeks at the British Columbia Canada Pavilion, located near the Forbidden City in Beijing.
“I’m super excited,” said Pardip Bandechha, 30, a planning co-ordinator with the Ministry of Employment and Income Assistance, at Vancouver International Airport yesterday. “I can’t wait to go and represent B.C. to the world.”
Bandechha is among 55 government employees who were selected from 18 different ministries.
In all, more than 600 government employees applied to work at the pavilion.
Joining the B.C. government workers are 17 federal and five City of Vancouver employees as well as 20 university students. They will travel to Beijing in three waves spanning April to September.

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