If only she knew then what she knows now, things could have turned out so differently.

So begins the quirky time-travelling series Being Erica, an hour-long CBC dramedy that follows the neverending growing pains of thirty-something underachiever Erica Strange.

Fired from her mediocre job, dumped by her Lavalife boyfriend and berated by her family for her string of failures, Erica traces her woes to mistakes made in her past.

She’s offered a second chance to get things right when her mysterious new therapist actually sends her back in time to relive the moments she regrets most.

“I’m hoping that people identify with her because I think anyone, regardless of age, sex, race, class, gender, has regrets. I think there are times in everyone’s life where they wish that they could go back and have a do-over,’’ says the star Erin Karpluk.

A great deal of the show’s charm is the hearty embrace of each year that’s portrayed, says Karpluk, who’s forced to don outrageouly dated hairstyles and fashions each week. The CBC series kicks off tonight.

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