Justin Bieber mugshot This is Justin Bieber's mugshot.
Credit: Miami Beach Police

News of Justin Bieber's arrest for drunk driving and drag racing his Lamborghini in Miami Beach on Thursday rocked the world of his fiercely loyal fan base, which imploded in a flurry of drama on social media.

The pop singer's legion of fans, who call themselves Beliebers, took to Twitter to defend him, voice their sorrow and pain, and pledge their everlasting support for the star, who has had a spate of legal issues lately.


Bieber was arrested in Miami Beach after failing a sobriety test. He also resisted arrest and had an expired driver's license.

It wasn't long before the Miami Beach Police Department tweeted his smiling mugshot, sending Beliebers into a tizzy, as they mourned the apparent "pain in his eyes."

It's a tough day for Beliebers, guys.

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