Darren Krause/For Metro Calgary


Beltline Communities association member Laura Jauch scopes out where the centre-city community is headed over the coming months yesterday.

Calgary’s Beltline is the fastest-growing urban district in North America, according to the community association that oversees the area.

The centre-city community association showed off its ambitious plans yesterday — some of which are underway and others slated to move ahead in the coming months — at its Summer In The City celebration at Victoria Hall.

Rob Taylor, president of Beltline Communities, says there are 12,500 multi-family residential units online for the area and more than one million square feet of office space.

Yesterday’s event was both an information session and a gathering for members of the community to celebrate how far the area has come.

“We’re trying to create an awareness of what the district is, where it is, what it’s made up of,” said Taylor.

The community association president also made it clear area residents were not at odds with the Stampede Board over future development and actually “celebrate” the redevelopment and the partnership with the Stampede Board.

Taylor also addressed the criminal element in the Beltline, which he says is simply part of daily life in any inner-city area.

“I’m not going to say there isn’t a real problem, because there’s a real problem in every centre-city neighbourhood in the country,” he said.

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