Ben Affleck is winning over critics with his latest foray as
star and director of The Town. Set in his hometown of Boston, the thriller
tells the story of an inner city bank robber who falls in love with the hostage
of his latest heist. I caught up with the filmmaker during the Toronto
International Film Fest to discuss his sudden resurgence.

I read in Entertainment Weekly that you said this was an
attempt to reboot your career. Why was that?

“Reboot is a bit much in a way. That’s like what you say
when you put someone in a superhero movie or something. For me, directing is
about a change so its not necessarily rebooting everything I’ve done but it
resets my mindset on directing movies which is a whole other parallel track.
It’s definitely a new step for sure in my career.”

It’s an audacious step as well. What is it about the
crime-thriller genre that attracted you?

“I know! I’m not necessarily even drawn to the genre…I was
nervous I’d be pigeonholed as crime genre and that would be that. But the movie
is so interesting and given that’s its this kind of genre movie, it had all
these unique things about the way these guys did working class, brown-bag
robberies and it also has this love story so I felt like this is foolish to
pass this up."

Obviously you grew up there but is there a key to nailing
that Boston accent?

"I think its just immersion, it’s like learning a
language. I learned Spanish best by going to Guardalavaca and not speaking any
English. Of course I’ve lost it now but if you are around a lot of people in an
area and just listening to them and repeating them and let yourself not even
try, it’ll seep in."