Killer admits to decades-old rape

A list of jailhouse confessions made by schoolgirl killer Paul Bernardo has led to the review of a decades-old rape case in which another man was already charged and convicted.


Bernardo sent his lawyer, Tony Bryant, a letter nearly two years ago detailing a list of offences — some he’d already been convicted of, others that may have been “marginalized” given lack of evidence at the time of his trial, Bryant said in an interview.


“He said, ‘Here’s the ones that I was responsible for. They may overlap the ones I pleaded guilty to, but there may be some others,’” Bryant said. “He didn’t know the women’s names, but ... there was sufficient descriptors in terms of time and place that I think one would wonder, how did he know so much about it?”


The name of the man convicted has never been released.


Since Bryant received the letter in November 2005, police have interviewed Bernardo twice.