Sen. Bernie Sanders at a presidential campaign rally in Sept. 2015.Phil Roeder/Flickr

Democratic candidate for president Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont has a lot to be smiling about Wednesday as his campaign broke the the $1 million mark — for donations received via Redditalone.

The Burlington Free Press reported that the "Grassroots for Sanders" online campaign was started in 2013 by two Vermonters. With Sanders' recent surges in Democratic polls, though, the group has seen a recentexplosion of growth and activity.

Writing for the Free Press, Jess Aloe explained that $50,000 was raised around the time Sanders appeared at CNN's Democratic Party town hall on Monday night, for instance.

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The news that Reddit users have donated $1 million comes at a time when the Vermont senator is raising money hand over fist — figuratively speaking. Even more impressive is the fact that the vast majority of Sanders' contributions come by way of small donations.

In the last three months of 2015, for instance, Sanders raised $33 million for a total year fundraising haul of $73 million, according to CNN. Nearly all of those donors haven't "maxed out" their federal contribution limits — meaning they mostly gave in the tens or hundreds of dollars and can be tapped for more donations in the future.

While Sanders continues to see great success in fundraising, he'skeeping pace with his rival for the Democratic nomination for president, former U.S. Senator and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

CNN explained that Clinton raised $37 million in the last quarter of 2015, surpassing a campaign goal of $100 million raised in 2015.

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