Green apple pilsner may be the answer I’ve been looking for all along.


When you think about beer, you might think thirst-quenching, hoppiness, maltiness and smoothness.


But a beer that tastes like apples and beer simultaneously, without the acidity of cider, is a marvellous brew by Best Bitters Brewing ($11.95 for six at LCBO).

I don’t particularly like it — too many litres of apple drink sucked out of juice boxes in elementary school have spoiled the drink for me — but the way the 4 per cent alcohol per volume beer’s hops temper the apples is very drinkable.

Does that make sense? Too bad.

The pilsner came up in conversation at The Bier Markt after a panel of beer folks from the Beer Store, LCBO, the Festival of Beer and media finished judging the top amber lagers and ales, cream ales, pale ales and bitters across the province for the Ontario Brewing Awards (which will be announced next week, and posted at Suds here online).

One of the judges was the lovely Mirella Amato, an opera-trained 31-year-old beer lover who recently quit her film and TV makeup job to pursue anything beer-related for a living, including writing and judging.

“I’ve never liked girly drinks. I’m a scotch and beer girl,” Amato says. (She’s an alpha-male’s dream come true. And I’m engaged. Dammit! Missed the boat again ...)

Any woman that passionate about beer has to answer this question for me: What beers do women like, and how do I convince my fiancée to taste them?

“What about Nicklebrook Green Apple Pilsner?” Amato asked.


“You’re not a girl.”


“I thought it was good.”

OK, look — I’ve been traumatized by juice boxes.

(Cricket. Cricket. Tumbleweed.)

“I cooked shrimps in (the apple pilsner). It was freaking good. The shrimps absorb the apple flavour, the sauce around it absorbed the beer flavour.”

Amato changes my question: “What should anyone who doesn’t like beer drink?" I think they should definitely try a weiss bier — Hoegaarden’s or Denison’s.

“I would try (Neustadt) 10W30 (ale), a good drinkable beer. Mill Street Tankhouse (Ale) — drinkable but not particularly adventurous...” Tank is pretty hoppy, which is the usual barrier to women enjoying beer. But I’m not a girl, and I enjoy it immensely. Does that matter?

Thanks for confusing me, Mirella. Now I’ll have to go get some apple pilsner again.

Wilson, what's a condo?: Tomorrow, I’m told a 164-ft. tall ship crewed by Haligonian Highlanders, the real MacCoy, and so on, will dock at Toronto Inner Harbour at 11 a.m. to unload Ontario’s ceremonial first keg of Alexander Keith’s Red Amber Ale. Party then heads to Fionn MacCool’s (Church and Esplanade) from noon to 8 p.m., complete with bag pipers and drummers, for a tasting.

I’m sure the event won’t be a bust like their new TV commercials.


  • Jumbo shrimp in Walkerville Beer

    torstar news service


    • 1 to 11/2 pounds of jumbo shrimp, fresh frozen

    • 4-6 cups Walkerville Beer

    • 1 tbsp Old Bay

    • 1 bay leaf

    • 3 slices lemon


    1. In large pot, bring beer, old bay, bay leaf and lemon slices to a boil.

    2. When at full boil, add shrimp and stir continually. Shrimp will take 1-2 minutes if fresh & 3-4 minutes if frozen, or cooked when completely opaque and firm to the touch.

    3. Drain colander. Serve at room temperature or cool with dip.