If you’ve ever hailed a cab and had the driver open the door for you, chat with you and get you to your destination safely and on time, chances are you’ve met Balwinder Dhanoa, Edmonton’s best cab driver.

Dhanoa, a driver and training instructor with Co-op Taxi, has had his chauffeur’s licence for 30 years and says he’s still committed to life-long learning.

The 68-year-old has dealt with rude customers, cab dashers and was assaulted by two teenagers in April. But despite all the adversity, Dhanoa still loves his job.

“I enjoy my work because I get to talk to people and when they’re happy they make my day and job very joyful,” he said.

Dhanoa was the recipient of the Vehicle for Hire Commission’s Best Driver of the Year award at city hall yesterday.

Hatem Naboulsi, chair of the Vehicle for Hire Commission, said Dhanoa and his colleagues are the unsung heroes of Edmonton’s roads.

“They are the unofficial ambassadors of our city,” he said.

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