hot pocket Credit: WIki Commons

Nestle USA, the company that owns Hot Pockets, issued a voluntary recall on a few of its products, prompting disappointment among frozen food enthusiasts.

The recall specifically affects the "Philly Steak and Cheese" variety, both the regular and croissant crust versions, in all package types.

The recall was issued due to an USDA recall of meat from the Rancho Feeding Corp., which provides the meat used in the Central Valley Meat Co., which, in turn, provides Hot Pockets with its product.


Central Valley Meat Co. reopened yesterday after the USDA said the company “committed to a number of corrective actions, including additional humane handling training for employees and safeguards."But the recall is still in effect, so consumers with the possibly tainted product are still encouraged to return the product to the store for a full refund, or contact Nestle Consumer Services.

This story, of course, has been making the rounds throughout the Twitterverse. Here’s just a few of the hilarious tweets made in response to the Hot Pocket saga.

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