There ain’t no party like the mayor’s levee party.

Or is there?

Every year, there’s a flurry of New Year’s Day levees across the city, but not this year. Most were cancelled or postponed because of the blizzard.


But Peter Kelly stuck with his bid for best levee of 2009 by holding his own city hall shindig yesterday.

In attendance were Derek and Celeste Tower, who you could call levee connoisseurs. For the last decade, they’ve been regulars of the levee scene.

“They’re quite different. Some of them have a lot of food. Some have drinks, some have even dancing,” said Derek.

“We see a lot of the same people going to them. It seems like some people go — maybe not just to eat — but they eat a lot.”

Celeste said the mayor’s party is one of her favourites because people are friendly and the food is healthy. But when asked for their verdict on the best, they remained coy.

“Oh, I don’t want to give away secrets,” said Derek.

The mayor’s party wasn’t quite the rager it is most years. It usually sees around 300 or 400 guests, but the postponement dropped that down to around 150. Still, Kelly says his levee beats the competition.

“It’s the music and Frank Arab, who plays fantastic piano,” said Kelly.

“And, of course, the food and the camaraderie. It is always the best one in Halifax.”

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