Re: "Paved lawn parking under fire," Apr. 12:

Councillor Gord Perks needs to do a little more research.

There are some of us homeowners who took the time to find a more environmentally friendly version of the front yard parking pad.


There is a way to lay the paving stones so there is space for more water to flow back into the water table and not into the sewer system.

Perhaps in addition to an increase in the fee, they could look at offering other alternatives, like using gravel or dirt instead of paving stones for parking pads.

The sad reality is there are houses with shared driveways that do not have enough room between the houses to actually get a car into the backyard.

It is nice that Perks wants to yell at us, but we need a place to park our car and we were very careful to pick the most environmentally friendly choice of the limited choice of materials allowed to be used for paving a front yard parking pad.