Heading back to school is an important milestone for children.


Soon it’ll be a month into the school year, and the entire household will have settled back into school routines. But now isn’t the time to relax — in fact, the next milestone is approaching quickly and it can be stressful for families: the first report card.


According to Dr. Nick Whitehead, founder and CEO of Oxford Learning, the first report card, while important, is not the final word on your child’s academic potential.


“Parents should consider the first report card as a check-up on how children are adjusting to the new school year,” he said. “It’s a tool to help parents identify subjects and behaviours that may be trouble spots for the rest of the year.”


Dr. Whitehead also recommends that parents don’t wait until the first report card to see how their children are progressing.

In order to prevent unpleasant report card surprises, Dr. Whitehead says that parents should be involved in their kids’ schooling from the first day of class.